The TBX Checklist for Project Success

Having been in the world of marketing for almost five years, I’ve watched plenty of client relationships both thrive and tank. From disagreements on expectations to unclear communication, I’ve seen how easy it can be for one, small hitch to snowball and create an overall painful project experience.

If you’re part of an agency, it’s likely you have your own ways of vetting potential clients. Perhaps you ask, ‘Does this business have similar values? Are their employees excited about their work? Would the relationship be mutually beneficial?’ At TBX, we ask these same questions. We pursue clients who push us to think outside the box—clients who offer challenge and force us to bring our A-game. After all, this dedication to pushing ourselves has brought the success we see today.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to admit when the fit isn’t great. But there are key signs you can look for prior to a proposal agreement, which help avoid unexpected conflicts down the road. These signs outline how a client’s industry may differ, yet their core values still align with your core values. In fact, these signs determine whether a relationship will be fruitful—or only end in disaster.

Whether you’re searching for advice or thinking of working with us, now’s your chance to review our checklist of five essentials that ensure strong client relationships.

We’re here to create lasting bonds, to help your business thrive with confidence and forge ahead. So engage with us, share your ideas, and let us empower you to think deeper and differently.

1. Start with Transparency

…because honesty is the best policy. From the moment we launch a project, we ask clients to respect us enough to establish an open dialogue. Without it, deeper discussions don’t happen and it’s likely we won’t get the full scope of your needs.

Viewing the client journey as a creative partnership, we believe both parties are responsible for knowledge exchange. So give us the true picture of your business—and we’ll deliver the right recommendations. In other words, don’t hold back. Be honest. Be authentic. Be upfront. By doing so, we set realistic project expectations and stick to a calendar.

TBX’s very own project manager, McKenzie Gohn, confirms this and says, “Communication is crucial to our process. When information is not relayed correctly, this causes overall timelines to be pushed. And it’s always our goal to send deliverables out as soon as possible. Because really, we’re eager to see them (clients) happy with how we’ve gone above and beyond to develop exactly what they’ve imagined.”

2. Insert Humor

Forewarning: Once you walk through our doors, you’ll overhear a slew of laughter, teasing, and sarcasm. As a tight-knit group of creatives, we show love through jokes. In truth, we like to have fun. And since having fun is such a large part of our culture, we appreciate clients who can sit back and relax alongside us.

After all, those who play well together, succeed together. That’s a fact, right? In any case, it’s what we choose to think.

3. Find Solutions

More than anything, we appreciate clients who are flexible. In a perfect world, we can make everything happen. Every feature. Every capability. Every plug-in. But it’s hard to make every dream come true. That’s why we cherish clients who work with us to reach an ideal solution.

Although we promise to create nothing less than amazing, we ask you to understand constraints. Our team will dig in and discover ways to meet expectations—even exceed them. But do remember, patience is a virtue.

On the flip side, we also require courtesy when it comes to timelines. Deliver prompt responses and approvals, and rest assured you’ll receive faster turnarounds and higher quality deliverables.

4. Show Passion

What about your work brings you joy? If you come to us for help, explain why you’re excited to usher in change. But more importantly, let us know why it matters. If you feel blase about it, it’s likely we will too. Come in guns blazing and tell us what you’re searching for, then trust we’ll feel just as stoked to carry out your compelling vision.

5. Envision Greater Opportunities

Whenever we land a new client, we hope it’s more than a ‘one and done.’ Rather, it’s our real hope that our end success will lead to bigger and better things in the future. We’re here to create lasting bonds, to help your business thrive with confidence and forge ahead. So engage with us, share your ideas, and let us empower you to think deeper and differently.

While we know it takes time to understand your process, your people, and your industry, we’re more than willing to go the extra mile to figure it out. Guaranteed we’ll work hard to make an impact and foster a combination of personal and professional trust. We’ll search for ways to build momentum and prominently position your brand in whatever industry you serve. We’ll strive to leave you amazed, on the edge of your seat, and expectantly await the remarkable things to come.

Ultimately, it’s our goal to perform so well, that frankly, you’d be crazy to turn to anyone else for help.

Believe your business can serve as our next creative challenge?