TBX was born from our personal relationships. When we first started, we were in the business of providing great design and websites to our friends and family. We knew we had the skills to help them get the best design work for their money, and as we scaled, our vision to be the best option for the price was always our priority.

TBX has scaled significantly, and now, we take that same approach to medium and large-sized businesses. TBX does bigger and better work and we are loving it.

However, a year ago, we started to acknowledge a large gap in the website creation world. TBX could no longer serve the people and businesses that we personally cared so much about, and their other options in the market were falling short in our opinion, too.

We knew we had the skills to provide solutions for these businesses that we care about. It was simply about finding a new system and new processes to deliver them. They needed good design at a good value. So, we sought to figure it out.

The result is www.builtbylava.com

LAVA exists so that people and companies who don’t have a million bucks can still look like a million bucks—online. LAVA websites have a small on-boarding cost—and an even smaller monthly subscription cost. It’s great websites built with small and approachable costs for small businesses.

Lava exists so that people and companies who don’t have a million bucks can still look like a million bucks—online.

We, at TBX, call LAVA our “value brand,” but that doesn’t mean we are skimping on any part of what makes a great website. By using Squarespace and our own people to do design, photography, and copywriting, we can make amazing websites that look great, work well, and most importantly, won’t break the bank.

We’ve been low key building LAVA behind the scenes for a few months now, and have launched a few successful projects while doing so, but we are excited to fully release LAVA into the wild. It’s fun to take what we love and what we are best at, then find new and creative ways to help people and companies.

We know LAVA isn’t the right website solution for everybody, but it’s the perfect website solution for a whole lot of somebodies.

So if you need a million dollar site but don’t have a million bucks, hit us up at https://builtbylava.com

Trust us. You’re gonna LAVA it.