I consider myself a competitive, motivated, and intentionally positive person. I think other people just consider me slightly off, but maybe in that endearing way?

Personally, I have the honor of being a husband to my wife Rachel and a father to my son Carson and daughters Ella and Avery. For me, having my family behind me and supporting me has really shaped who I am and what my priorities are—well, they and my bikes.

Professionally, I love the process of growth and change, and I am continually learning how to support the team, which for the most part, seems to mean just getting out of their way.

I’m a vision guy and an ideas guy. I love people, and I love Grand Rapids. I love the Dutch characteristics instilled in me of faith, work ethic, integrity, and strong cycling legs.

Bikes. Trails. Mountains. Trees. Sunsets and sunrises. Good coffee. Over-saturated Instagram photos of all of them? Sign me up. Let’s go!

True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.

Edward Frederick Halifax


The percentage of time I wish I was out on a bike

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