I began creating things on and for the internet in high school, starting with intro graphic design classes and moving into basic markup and scripting courses. After a few years of learning from various personal projects as well as projects for friends and family, I decided to pursue a career in web development.

I enjoy bringing our design team’s work to life, embracing the web’s responsive nature and crafting a smooth user experience, whether on a PC or a portable device. Whenever I tackle a project, I opt to take a holistic approach, acknowledging the importance of the end user, client maintenance, search engines, and everything in between. I appreciate clean, well-formatted code just as much as a great user interface, and I believe aesthetics and functionality are equally important and mutually dependent.

In addition to working as a developer at TBX, I also study Computer Science at Grand Valley State University. And when I’m not banging on a keyboard, you’ll find me in the great outdoors of “Pure Michigan”—most often on a bicycle.

The best engineers I know are artists at heart. The best designers I know are secretly technicians as well.

Andrei Herasimchuk


miles pedaled in 2017

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