My earliest memory of e-commerce was selling my prized action figure collection on eBay in the late 90s. My mother told me I was making a mistake, but she was only partially correct. That transaction sparked a passion for selling things online, which has only grown since.

I regret selling my Dragonball Z toy collection, though.

My career has taken me all across the e-commerce universe. I’ve headed online operations for multi-billion dollar corporations, worked for digital agencies, and built successful online stores of my own. As a developer, I seek to code powerful digital experiences with agencies and businesses to handle their wide breadth of web-based and e-commerce needs.

In the waning moments between coding and helping businesses, I spend my time with my wonderful wife and dog in Castle Rock, Colorado. I’m a native of Louisiana, so I spread my love of Cajun cooking with my friends of the mile high region. My weekends are typically filled enjoying college football, waking up at odd hours to catch international Formula 1 races, or avoiding losing fingers while woodworking.


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