Digital Marketing Manager

Every day has 24 hours, and every 24 hours is filled with choices. What to wear, who to spend time with, where to go, or what to do. The rest of the TBX team can testify I usually put the least amount of time into deciding what to wear. The things that are important to me and where my passions lie are with people. I have been blessed with an amazing and patient wife, and three smart, fun, and energetic girls Raina, Finley, and Mila. We love being active together, getting outdoors, and working on “projects”. In the summer, you can usually find us in the backyard by the pool having a water fight.

My second family for the last couple of years has been the TBX team. I enjoy what I do, but love most of those that I work with. Everyone loves my dad jokes and the culture keeps me feeling young. Thinkbox has truly been an exceptional place to work and grow, and I’m pumped to continue to excel and expand our impact with our community and the businesses with whom we work.


number of times I complain about being sore after a workout

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