Great leaders, and therefore great businesses, are incredibly patient.

The perception that a great business can happen overnight is usually only shared by those who had no hand in creating that business. Ask the person responsible for that overnight success if it happend that quickly and I believe you would get a resounding NO.

Two traits that go a long way in making a great leader are patience and persistance. To lead a great business one must often be able to make decisions that forgo their personal benefits for the greater good of the growth of the business. One must also passionately and persistently fight through the various challenges that come with running and growing a business.

I only state the above ramblings because all to often I notice within myself a drive to make things happen overnight for myself and for my business, and that mindset can be a slippery slope in terms of how I treat my relationships and clients.

Reminder: Be passionate. Be persistant. Be patient.


p.s.- No matter how many times I read that story, the rabbit always seems to lose.