Ada Bible Church

Over the past 40 years, Ada Bible Church has watched their single location flourish into four distinct campuses across Grand Rapids. Claiming more than 10,000 attendees every Sunday, they came to TBX and asked us to simplify their site—a site that continued to expand alongside them.

We overhauled the megachurch’s original information architecture, developed a cleaner, more responsive design, and rebuilt the site on WordPress to allow easy management and maintenance.

  • Arena Integration
  • Brand Positioning
  • Custom Social Feed
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Information Architecture
  • Media Archive
  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Website
  1. Embedded custom video hosting to live stream services and generate higher site traffic.

  2. Restructured the previous site to significantly condense and simplify content.

  3. Created a mobile-friendly design that better serves their majority of core users.

  4. Crafted engaging copy that attracts newcomers and speaks to existing members of various ages.

  5. Leveraged advanced technology to integrate a member management software for financial support, event coordination, calendars and scheduling.

  6. Constructed a new visual identity that mirrors the church’s welcoming and community-driven atmosphere.

The TBX team helped guide and direct us in new and innovative ways and showed us how to maximize our content.

Jon Ackerman
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