For 30 years, Sawyer has presented the outdoor industry with life-saving products backed by science. Offering solutions that are proven to perform and protect, the retailer looked to TBX for help to target more tech-savvy consumers.

We rose to the challenge, evolving the brand and building a more enhanced website. Additionally, TBX created engaging digital marketing campaigns and managed their platforms for better consumer communication. Now, in today’s dynamic online marketplace, Sawyer is more responsive and connected to their core customers than ever before.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Custom Social Feed
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Information Architecture
  • Strategy
  • Website
  1. Tailored robust product pages that illustrate specs and value, driving consumer interest and leading to points of purchase.

  2. Optimized site to diversify product development, educate consumers, and generate a better mobile user experience.

  3. Embedded social media on the site, promoting ecommerce and more consumer engagement.

  4. Simplified highly scientific messaging, allowing for greater understanding from the general consumer.

  5. Used Display Advertising and Pay Per Click Marketing to rotate seasonal messaging, attract niche market segments, and highlight solutions for outdoor crises.

TBX was able to develop a streamlined website and digital program that increased both web traffic and sales.

Travis Avery
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