• 5 Keys to Strong Client Relationships

    5 Keys to Strong Client Relationships

    August 22, 2018

    The TBX Checklist for Project Success Having been in the world of marketing for almost five years, I’ve watched plenty of client relationships both thrive and tank. From disagreements on expectations to unclear communication, I’ve seen how easy it can be for one, small hitch to snowball and create an overall painful project experience. If […]

  • Up And Out.

    Up And Out.

    May 10, 2017

    The answer to this question has become the most cliche answer I can think of, but it’s true. When I helped start Thinkbox’s current iteration over ten years ago, it was myself and Travis, our Creative Director. He was the hardest working guy I’d ever met and he was a hybrid creative that could do […]

  • Why?


    April 11, 2017

    Every brand has a purpose. Some agencies try to understand that brand purpose through data. They study the mission statements and target markets. They invest in understanding the target customer and the opportunities to sell. These are crucial parts of helping a brand succeed. But they don’t go quite deep enough. Because if you stop […]

  • Balance.


    March 28, 2017

    How do you balance speed and wisdom in the hiring process? Our Operations Director, Bruce, shares a Thinkbox story. Speed matters in our industry. The digital landscape loves the throttle and agility is often the difference between 1st place and last. But rushing through a key hire is costly and will ultimately slow down a […]

  • Can’t.


    April 26, 2016

    Before I started my career at Thinkbox, I worked in ABA therapy. ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a practice of tracking behavior to produce data, compiling it, creating a plan, and executing it until success. It is a strict discipline where the smallest of slip ups can set you back months. Where I worked […]

  • Dependence.


    March 29, 2016

    More times than I can count, I’ve observed the frustrating battle between a creative with talent and vision and a client pursuing company strategy and goals. With experience hiring designers, videographers, photographers, and copywriters to work on projects at my previous job on a marketing team, and now as a bridge between clients and our […]

  • No.


    March 14, 2016

    No. Two simple letters connected to form one powerful word. It sounds so easy, but the truth is that unless you are a rampaging two-year-old, this word can be extremely difficult to speak. We think it, we feel it, we may even know it, but we are so often hesitant to use it. The same […]

  • Climbing the Hills.

    Climbing the Hills.

    June 5, 2013

      It’s no mystery to people that know us here at Thinkbox Creative that we are a crew who enjoy our bike riding. To the point where if you follow me on Social Media, you’ve probably grown weary of this fact. To me though, there is something about the lessons I learn while riding my […]